Arsan Chemicals, established in 2007, is committed to providing high quality service in the chemical industry with respect to ethics, principles and transparency. We offer our business partners global solutions with the aim of taking the Turkish Chemical Industry to the future.

The strength of Arsan Chemicals comes from its 30 years of experience in the Turkish chemical industry which includes deep-rooted and well developed relations with prominent corporations in Turkey and the neighboring countries. Initially, we concentrate on serving the Agricultural and Construction Chemicals Industries by providing raw materials, and technical and managerial investment consultancy services.

Here at Arsan Chemicals we believe that innovation and efficiency are the key elements to success. Consistent with our corporate goals, we welcome any specialized, reliable and dedicated company who shares our ethics and principals as partners to combine our experiences to serve for the future of the chemical world. Furthermore, Arsan Chemicals is ready to invest in the manufacturing of chemicals that have complementary uses, or implementation of manufacturing plants in an effort to support the progress of the Turkish chemical industry as its contribution to the global economy is imperative.

Arsan is dedicated to full customer satisfaction with utmost care to the community, stakeholders and environment.